A Proper Sit Down: Peter Hook, British Ideas Corporation, 2014

A Proper Sit Down: Peter Hook, British Ideas Corporation, 2014


Please by settled and take a seat, for this is a page of rest. Bassist Peter Hook talks tea, biscuits and naps

British Ideas Corporation Festival No.6 special edition, 2014


BIC: Over the last fortnight, you’ve been to Italy, Spain, Canterbury and Mongolia. Do you ever rest?
PH: I’ll rest when I’m dead. If I’m not working, I’ll go to the gym and punch the s*** out of the punchbag. It’s a great way of stimulating yourself and it makes everything clearer. I’m an addict and my addiction is now the gym.

What’s the progress on the New Order book you’re writing?
I’ve got 26 years to cover and I’ve done 60 pages on the first year alone. It’s anecdote city. I’m only doing up to 2006 because that’s when New Order ended for me. I want it to be comprehensive, so I’m not rushing it. We had a difficult time in New Order. When I did the Haçienda [Hooky’s 2009 book The Haçienda: How Not To Run A Club], I knew that if I ever got to New Order, it would be tough, cos you’re dealing with Rob’s nervous breakdown, the Haçienda and the failing relationship that we had with each other. The thing is, you’ve got to get it right.

Do you read much?
I do a lot of reading. I’ve just started a biography of Peter Cook. I finished Caitlin Moran’s How To Build A Girl last week. I’m also reading The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon, which is a hot book. I like Caitlin, I think she’s f***ing nuts. The funny thing is, it’s actually nice, as a heterosexual male, to read it, cos you can get how women think. That’s why it’s educational. She’s writes from an educated, female stance. She’s a hell of a character.

Is there a biscuit of choice in the Hooky house?
Biscuit of choice, my God… My favourite is chocolate Hobnobs.

Are you a tea or a coffee person?
Coffee, but I only have two cups in the morning. Saying that, I drink Red Bull all day, ha-ha-ha.

What about the evenings? Many of us relax with a glass of wine, but as an alcoholic, you can’t do that.
Again, it’s not that bad. I’ve discovered The Alcoholic-Free Shop on the internet [alcoholfree.co.uk]. There’s an amazing choice. I’m now the ambassador for The Alcoholic-Free Shop. When they moved into a shop in Manchester, I opened it. Non-alcoholic wine is dry. Wine is dry. What we [alcoholics] crave is that dryness. Non-alcoholic wine gives you that. It’s not grape juice. It tastes the same as normal wine, but doesn’t make you feel bad in the bloody morning. So in the evening, when you’re sitting down with your glass of wine and evening news, so am I.

Do you take naps?
I used to look at my father and think, “How can you sleep during the day?” But now I’m partial to a nap. Earlier this week, we had to fly to Umbria, then we had to fly back in the early morning, so we only got four hours sleep, then we were on a tour bus last night, and the driver parked it next to a rave tent. So we didn’t get any f***ing sleep there. Today, I’m a bit delirious. I’m flying to Majorca first thing in the morning, so by the time I arrive, I’ll be absolutely f***ed. Naps are all about survival.

Are you a Prisoner fan?
I am. I always thought Patrick McGoohan was very cool. Portmeirion is a beautiful place. And my favourite car is the Lotus/Caterham Seven, which Patrick McGoohan drives. It was a great series.

Are you staying at Portmeirion during Festival No.6?
I’m not sure. I’ve stayed in the Castle [Castell Deudraeth] before and it was gorgeous.

It rains a lot, so make sure you take an umbrella.
I’ve got them in the car, mate. I’m from Manchester, don’t forget!

Peter Hook And The Light are playing Stage No.6 at Festival No.6 on Saturday, 6 July. festivalnumber6.com. The band perform New Order’s Low-Life and Brotherhood in Cardiff Glee Club (24 September), Manchester The Ritz (25 September) and London Shepherd’s Bush Empire (27 September).