Drop-down menu: Gregg Wallace Weight Watchers promo, GQ, 2013

Drop-down menu: Gregg Wallace Weight Watchers promo, GQ, 2013


You’d expect MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace to be larger than life, but when the self-confessed foodie’s waistline reached 43 inches, the Weight Watchers’ ProPoints plan and app solved his sizeable problem

GQ promo, 2013

With a repertoire of jokes that would have shamed Bob Monkhouse, foodie Gregg Wallace is in top form as he tackles his grilled chicken. “I’ve got a mate who was sacked from the bumper cars… he’s suing for funfair dismissal.” At 48, Gregg’s fitter and healthier than at any time in his adult life. His secret? Hard work in the gym and the nutritional framework – and app – of Weight Watchers.

At what point did you think, “I’ve got to lost some weight?”
Three years ago my ex-wife visited. We had a fry-up for breakfast, fish and chips for lunch and a curry for dinner. She said, “Is this for my benefit or is this how you live? You’re going to die – get your cholesterol checked. So I did and the doctor said, “You’ve got massive cholesterol issues and you’re going to have a coronary.”

How much did you weigh?
Nearly 15st, with a 42 waist. I’ve since dropped to 11st 12lb, and I’m now a 32. When you’re happy with how you look, you’re more confident.

How did Weight Watchers help you lose weight?
Focus and knowledge. Nothing focuses your mind like an upcoming weigh-in. You can do this online or at a meeting. I lost my weight with Weight Watchers Online. I’d suggest attending a Weight Watchers meeting, but you don’t have to go to meetings to be on the plan.

What happens between weigh-ins?
Every single item of food and drink is allotted a ProPoints value. If you stay within your daily and weekly allowance, you’ll lose weight. It’s that simple. I eat out six nights a week. If I can lose weight, anyone can.

How does the app work?
It helps you keep track. It’s useful because it encourages mindful eating and it simplifies everything. The app is never out of my hand.

What about alcohol?
If you exercise, Weight Watchers awards you “activity ProPoints”, which means you’re given points back to eat and drink. I’m in the gym a lot. So come the weekend I’ll have enough ProPoints to have a few drinks. It’s all about balance.

Are you a beer or wine person?
All of that. End of the meal, whisky, brandy, they’re three ProPoints. I love shellfish. Crab, lobster, they’re basically nothing! I can have two dozen oysters and its one ProPoint! You can eat all the good stuff by the bucket-load. For me, it’s perfect!


Gregg Wallace: daily meal plan

Combining exercise with the Weight Watchers’ Pro Points system, Gregg now has full control over his weight.

Weight loss is 30 per cent gym, 70 per cent kitchen,” Gregg states. An early riser, he meets an instructor at the gym up to five times a week for resistance cardio.

To start the day, Gregg opts for a breakfast muffin, poached egg and ham, or, alternatively, grilled bacon or sausage. A fruit salad is his mid-morning snack.

Lunch is grilled sea bass, a mix of salad and a selection of vegetables. For an afternoon snack, Gregg will eat a Weight Watchers Rich Toffee Bar.

Having had a gin and tonic on the train, dinner is a steak with roast root vegetables, new potatoes and wine.

With the TV on, Gregg will walk on an inclined treadmill. He’ll also watch televised rugby matches this way.

Time for bed – unless it’s the weekend and it’s last orders.