Let’s be having you…

Let’s be having you…

Welcome to my website, which features some of my finer journalistic moments from the mid-Nineties onwards. I’ve worked for a disparate collection of titles, including GQJackFront and – where I first started out – Amateur Photographer. I’ve also freelanced at NMEMen’s HealthEsquireThe Guardian’s The Guide and Vox. Recently, I ran a website as a hobby about cool British culture, British Ideas Corporation, and its associated Facebook page (90,000 followers at one point). Both are now closed… it was getting to be a full-time job. We even printed up a prototype magazine, which you will find on this site.

Although I’ve been based in London since 1993, which is easily over half my life, I’m from Doncaster and count myself as a fully paid-up Northerner. I still run baths, as opposed to barths, and mow grass, not grarss.  

I don’t get to write much these days, which is a shame because I always loved crafting an article – the research, interviewing people and then the careful trench-war of moving forward sentence by sentence. Getting your words in print is the same thrill as beating a goalkeeper with a pile-driver and seeing the net bulge. There isn’t an enormous amount of money for writers any more, and the magazine industry is going through a difficult time. Budgets are so squeezed that the pips are popping out. However, I’m of the opinion that there’s a gap in the market for a brilliant British men’s title that doesn’t fawn over watches made out of meteors and mobile phones that have been built into Tyrannosaurus Rex claws (these are both real – I sub-edited the articles).

You will notice that much of my work revolves around leftfield subjects, things like electricity pylons, streetlighting, Factory Records, old aeroplanes and pre-2000 football. I’ll continue to add old stories to my website: maybe some of the information can be used for your own projects. Feel free to plunder – although a credit would be nice.

And I’m free for writing tasks, should you need someone who comes at a subject from a different angle.

Well, I’ll let you get on. 

Lee Gale