Mark E Smith, British Ideas Corporation, 2014

Mark E Smith, British Ideas Corporation, 2014


Having once written that Brighton is The Guardian‘s vision of The Prisoner, The Fall’s No.1 turns his thoughts to the original spy destination

[I commissioned Mark E Smith to write a few words about The Prisoner for the British Ideas Corporation tester issue which was given out free at Festival No.6 at Portmeirion in 2014. Smith was going to be a BIC columnist if we could get the magazine idea off the ground – which we never managed. Ah well – it was a good idea though.]


‘…what you’re doing is illegal:
it’s an invasion of privacy.
I’ll have the pols AFTER you if you call me once more’



‘I’m a six’ Jason said.
‘..a six what? You have six legs? Is that it? Or more
likely six heads’
Jason said ‘You’re a six too. That’s what kept us
together all this time’
-Flow, My Tears, the Policeman said.



Way back way then, I’d always a deep resentment of
the American character in The Prisoner.
Now, he haunts many middle-class dreams, he’s
Gates in a Top hat,
mistaking No.6 for a far-formed thinker dissatisfied
with the slowness of the
‘All Must Be Seen and Heard’ mob.

Of course, this has/had happened to me.
And there’s the Rub.
whilst in ’75 feeling superior in understanding
episode 1-5, 12
I’d swear at the video if U.S. man was in it.
Many writers, as in the ‘Tally Ho’ now pretend to
have liked Cash and Elvis
way back when,
further land and profit from it,
whilst accusing myself of Nazism!

The Complete in-comprehensibility of The Prisoner
I still miss in all music, film etc.

In A Columbo episode McGoohan played a funeral
director lifting jewels from film stiffs.
A gossip columnist spots this and to McGoohan
says: It’ll all come out..
British actor of some repute fleeing from failure of
eccentric series lands feet 1st
in glamour funeral home.
To me. behold. A Man.


Way back way then,
I always..

Fantastically. this year’s festival at reduced rate folly
is host to various events again.
This reminds me of the General in the ‘Speed
Learning’ episode.
it is not where was the Treaty Of Utrecht but when.
In these cases, 1984 and 1997.
As in the episodes their essay omits dates.

It reminds me.

Today, iHistory re-written is on site.
Music and Fiction>
Why do these people return to The Village of 1983?
And in rose co loved-glasses

Are they M.U. members?
why display their bloated white bellies
and frighten off true questers of No.6
and/or The Fall?
Who is number None?