Time stands still for nobody: Michael Kors Smartwatch promo, GQ.co.uk, 2016

Time stands still for nobody: Michael Kors Smartwatch promo, GQ.co.uk, 2016

GQ.co.uk promo, 2016

Welcome to the new Michael Kors Access Smartwatch collection, based on the brand’s iconic Bradshaw and Dylan analogue timepieces but crammed full of features for today’s man on the move. High style, customisable face detail and numerous strap options make this an irresistible timepiece for any champion of individuality.

Designer luxury meets cutting-edge technology with the introduction of the Michael Kors Access Smartwatch, a range of Android Wear™-powered touchscreen timepieces that will prove invaluable for men who thrive on health, personal style and – through its compatibility with Android and Apple devices – connectivity. Based on Michael Kors’ analogue Bradshaw and Dylan watches, the new oversized 44.5mm Bradshaw and 46mm Dylan stainless-steel-cased smartwatches are every bit as eye-catching as their ticking relatives.

Part of the beauty of a Michael Kors Access Smartwatch is its ability to provide the wearer with a near-exclusive piece. With an internal Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and a 320×290 resolution screen, a multitude of face styles can be chosen, meaning the chances of inadvertently meeting somebody with an identical-looking watch are practically null.

The wearer can alter the face style at will, changing to match the occasion, or he can activate a mode that will automatically switch the face from day to night appearance. It’s also possible to adjust the colours of the dial and background. A wide selection of straps further increase the smartwatch’s unique feel, with stainless-steel, leather and silicone options available in a variety of shades and styles. Business travellers will find multiple easy-to-read time zones on the screen useful (should this feature be selected) and fitness freaks will love the in-built Google Fit fitness tracking, allowing the wearer to view his step count and customise his step goal.

As well as having the characteristics of a keep-fit instructor, the smartwatch is a personal assistant too, responding to voice activation with Google search. Plus, as it’s compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, there is rapid access to all of your cherished smartphone app notification, such as Uber and Instagram. Your smartwatch will additionally notify about incoming calls, texts and other smartphone alerts. You’ll never miss a second responding to urgent messages, so you can keep one step ahead of the rest.

Bottom line: your watch is no longer a mere tool for telling accurate time. The multifunctional Michael Kors Access Smartwatch is a team on your wrist and the perfect response to the modern-man’s requirement for stylishness, exclusivity and business connectivity.

To see more of the Michael Kors Access Smartwatch and its numerous style options, visit ernestjones.co.uk and start customising now. Starting at £329.00